Video Gallery - Symposium : 2002

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Cochin Royal Family Historical Society - Symposium : 2002. There are 5 parts of the Symposium in total. Covers the the period of the last five Rajas with panel discussions and Q and A amongst family members.


Part 1 and 2 :   Session starts with a prayer by Subhadra Thampuran. S Anujan weicomed the group. Ramabhadran Thampuran reminded the audience that it happened to be the 150th anniversary of Abdicated Highness, Rajarshi, and therefore the day was dedicated in his memory. The traditional lamp lighting was by Appama, Dr. Kocha's mother.The panelists were Ravi Achan on Chowra Theepetta Thampuran 1932 - 1942; Padmavathy Thampuran on midukkan Thampuran 1942-1944; Ikkavutty Thampuran on Kunjappan Thampuran 1944-1946; Chandravali Thampuran on Aikya keralam Thampuran 1946-1948 and Vrinda Thampuran on Pareekshith Thampuran 1948-1964.


 Each panelist narrated anecdotes and other insights.  It was invaluable Oral History narratives.


Part3:  Open to audience for discussions, and Q and A.  A lively discussion including Ravi Achan, Elamana hari, Hari Thampuran, Seeri Thampuran, Rameshan Thampuran, and Vijay kerala Varma who talked about the first web site on Cochin Family History started by him and brother Vinay.


Part 4 and 5:  A panel on education and employment amongst the ladies of the family. Girija Thampuran ( Deepthi Palace) led the discussion amongst Mrinalini Thampuran, Sharada Thampuran, Kochammani Thampuran and Kavammani Thampuran.  They were path breakers.  Followed by another panel discussion on " Outsider's view of the family".  Raman Namboodiri, KCP Anujan Bhattathiripad, Elamana hari, and Dr. Grover, Also Ravi Achan, Kochu Cheria Unni Raja participated.  There was active participation from the audience.