Video Gallery - Symposium : 2005

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Cochin Royal Family Historical Society - Symposium : 2005. There are 5 parts of the Symposium in total covering Raja Shakthan Thampuran.

Part 1:  Sangameshan Thampuran calls meeting to order.  Prayer by Bhadramani Thampuran. The Vallia Thampuran ( senior most member of the family) inaugarates by lighting the traditional lamp.  Main paper is presented by Dr. Kocha Varma.

Part 2:  Essays on Shakthan Thampuran by Rameshan Thampuran, Ramabhadran Thampuran and vaneja Thampuran.

Part3:  Rema Puthezhan, daughter of the author Puthezhath Raman Menon, whose seminal work Shakthan Thampuran is the main source of information  on this Raja.  She is a writer , speaker, teacher and a creative force.  Her  excellent presentation in malayalam  on her father and the circumstances that led him to write the Book was superb and well received by the audience.  

Part 3 continues:    Myths and legends about the Raja.  Interesting stories and anecdotes were presented by Capt Kerala Varma; Prathapan Thampuran, Ravi Achan ( Paliyam); Ikkavu Thampuran of Padinjare Kovilaam; Rajeev Varma and Sangameshan Thampuran.  

Part 4:  An open forum discussion on Raja Shakthan Thampuran.  Panelists are Ravi Achan ( Paliam); Upendra Rao ( Konkini Community); Professor Menachery ( from the Christian Community of Thrissur);

             Each one recounted their own family's or ancestor's  ties to Raja Shakthan Thampuran.  

Part 5:  continuation of Part 4:  Sreekumari Ramachandran, a writer and Cochin History enthusiast, is working on a piece of history on the Raja; K.T Madhavan namboodiri ( Thamarappilly Mana); and S. Narayanan ( Embrathiri Community).  Followed by Vote of Thanks by R.T.R Varma

In the evening there was a " Dinner Theater" presentation.  The highlight of the evening was the short documentary " Eka meva adweethiyam".  on a chapter in the life of the Raja.  This is presented seperately in the Video gallery section of the web site.