Video Gallery - Symposium 2004

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The Symposium is presented in 5 parts.

Part 1 :  Seminar started with a prayer by Subhadra Thampuran.  Vanaja Varma welcomed everyone.  S. Anujan previewed the prior two seminars and laid out the agenda for the day.  He welcomed the panelists T.C Narayanan, R.T Ravi Varma, Ravi Achan, Elamana Hari and K.P.C Anujan Bhattathiripad.  He invited Dr. Kocha Varma to start the disucussion.  Dr. Varma  talked about 2 Rajas, Rama Varma from 1864 - 1888 ( known as Raja who died in the month of Midhunum ) and his brother Kerala Varma 1888-1895 ( known as Raja who died in the month of Chingam).

Part 2:  Saritha Varma introduced Mr. T.C Narayanan, no stranger to the older generation.  He lived in Ernakulam, attended Maharaja's College, and played Cricket with many Thampurans.  A Corporate executive luminary, he now lives in Bangalore.  Mr. Narayanan talked about the two Dewans, his ancestors,  from the ' Thottekatt Tharavad',  who served those Rajas.  Next, Ravi Achan, from Paliam, started his interesting  oral history presentation by saying that we tend to think of these two Rajas as ancient ancestors when in reality they were the uncles of Manku Thampuran of Chandravilasam Palace ( the renowned musician) whom the present generation knew well. Followed by Shri. K.P.C Anujan Bhattathiripad, a well known personality in Tripunithura,  who also presented oral history.  He was followed by R.T Ravi Varma ( Seeri ), a senior member of the family and an avid historian himself.

Part 3  Pratapan Thampuran gives a short sketch of the Family dating back to Chera dynasty.  Several ladies spoke passionately about their uncles and grandmothers .  Leela Varma on Thekke Kovilakam, Sharada Thampuran on Thekke Vallia Thampuran Kovilakam, T. Nandakumar on Appan Thampuran, author of Bhootharayar.

Part 4 and 5 The discussion about personalities in the family other than Maharajas continued.  Rajeshwari Thampuran on Kuttan Thampuran; Prabha Thampuran about Padinjare Kovilakam.  Elamana Hari, a native of Tripunithura, and as someone who has lived among the Family members all his life, gave his perspective.   Followed by Dr. Girijan, son of Meenakshikutty Teacher, who had taught at kalikotta school for many years and had a strong bond with the family. Anujan spoke about doraiswamy Iyer and Ramabhadran read a piece written by K.P.T Thampuran on the loyal staff of the family.  Session concluded with vote of thanks by R.T.R Varma.