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  • JUST ADDED a new video about Amma Thampuran Kovilakam. It is posted under Featured Videos on the home page. A Suraj Varma production, it captures the life and soul of the family.
  • All the symposiums are being added one at a time.  Please click on the small red arrows below each symposium to access all the parts.  All the symposiums are posted in full, unabridged
  • Symposium 2002: On the last 5 Rajas..1932 to 1948 and beyond . The panelists, Ravi Achan on Chowara Thampuran, Padmavathy Thampuran on Midukkan Thampuran, Ikkavutty Thampuran on Kunjappan thampuran, Chandravali Thampuran on aikya Keralam Thampuran and Vrinda Thampuran on Pareekshith.  Oral history narratives at its best.
  • Also panel discussions with much participation.  Girija thampuran (Deepthi), Sharada Thampuran, Kochammini Thampuran, Mrinalini Thampuran, and Kavammani Thampuran on Women's education and employment ; Raman namboodiri, KCP Anujan Namboodiripad, Elamana Hari, Dr. Grover, Kochu Cheria Unni Raja; and others.  A young Vijay Kerala Varma talks about the very first web site on Cochin Royal Family History started by him.  He was a pioneer.

Feedback received
  • Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Very informative. - Arun Kumar, Kochi, Kerala.