Raja Veera Kerala Varma 1851 - 1853

Raja Veera Kerala Varma  was the younger brother of the previous Raja.  He was the grandson of Subhadra Thampuran, who was the daughter of Chittamma Thampuran.  He  wanted to make a fact-finding tour of India before he settled down to rule.  

He was  educated in English and had a good command of the language. His first trip was to the very holy city of Kashi or Varanasi. He travelled unceremoniously and kept a diary written in English. The original diary is preserved in the Family.  At a seminar organized by the Cochin Royal Family Historical and Heritage Society, S.Anujan Rama Varma gave an interesting report detailing the journey; the stops en route  and ,the slow pace of travel.  Unfortunately, he died of smallpox while in Varanasi.  

He had offered so much promise. His sudden demise shook  the grief stricken country.

The Family always refers to him as " Kashiyil Theeppetta Thampuran" or the Thampuran who died in Kashi

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