Family Diaspora

The word 'Diaspora', as it applies to the Cochin Royal Family, means Family members who are  scattered arround the globe.

After 1947, after the Cochin State merged in the Indian Union, the educated members found jobs in the major cities like Madras (Chennai), Bombay (Mumbai) and Delhi. From 1960 onwards they have ventured overseas to U.K and U.S.A.  Post graduate studies in Medicine, Engineering, economics and Management were the initial impetus to go abroad.  Few started settling down there.  Starting with the decade of 80s, Computer Engineering and Hi-Tech jobs have been the allure

Today, there are significant numbers of young people of the Family scattered all over India, U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Gulf countries,  South East Asia, Europe and Africa.

We have covered the history of the family in the past centuries.  Here we want to present the young generation, living in nuclear  families, navigating life , having adventures , and taking care of themselves and their young families.
The family ties and traditions and home base of Tripunithura need not be forgotten but can be celebrated without conflicting the present life style.

On behalf of the heritage of the  family, I invite you to stay in touch , get involved, get informed, and together forge a united effort to preserve the heritage properties left in Tripunithura and take resonsibility to take care of our own.

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