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Welcome to historyofcochinroyalfamily.org

This web site is dedicated to my family, the Cochin Royal Family. I grew up in this Family and experienced the remarkable transition from being a person of privilege to a commoner and then a global citizen. It is said that history is viewed from the writer's perspective. This is the story of the Cochin Royal Family from my perspective.

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Dr. Kocha Varma
(Kochanujan Thampuran Rama Varma)

Dr. Kocha Varma hails from the Cochin Royal Family in Tripunithura , Kerala, India. After graduating from Maharajas College, Ernakulam, and Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, he emigrated to the United States where, after becoming a Board Certified Urologist, he lived and worked in Chickasha Oklahoma for many years. After retirement, he splits his time between Tripunithura, Thrissur and Seattle, USA, passionately piecing together the almost forgotten history of the Cochin Royal Family from very early times.

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