Raja Ravi Varma 1943 - 1946 (Kunjappan Thampuran)

Ravi Varma 1943-1946

He was the younger brother of the Maharaja who passed away. His parents, Kavu Thampuran and Ashtamurthi ( Kuttan ) Namboodiri of Pana Mana had the distiction of having 3 of their sons ascend the Musnad of Cochin.  He was mariied to Kamakshi Amma of Parackattu Tharavad.  They had two sons, Balagopala Menon and Nandana Menon.  The installation took place on the 14th November 1943 at the Durbar Hall, Ernakulam.  

After the installation ceremony, The Maharaja spoke briefly acknowledging the fact that he has been called to the ancient Gadi at a momentous time in the World’s history.  “ It is a great source of satisfaction to me” he said “that this State has already made a contribution to the common cause , which in proportion to its size is I believe second to none in India.”  The contribution in respect of personal service under the crown is particularly noteworthy.  “So to mark the occasion of my installation I propose to donate a sum of one lakh of Rupees to the Cochin State Military Benevolent fund now being launched  for the benefit of ex servicemen from this State in the Navy, the Army, the Ai r force and the Cochin State Forces." 

His subjects he said have been undergoing trials and suffering due to food shortages, but their spirit is undaunted.  He concluded by offering his prayers for the speedy victory of the United Nations in the noble fight against the forces of evil.  

This Raja continued functioning in the foot steps of his elder brother.  In 1944, during his birthday he abolished capital punishment in the State of Cochin following the lead taken by the State of Travancore.  

Annual report of 1945-46 detailed the important events of the year.  He was the first Maharaja to celebrate his 80th birthday.  Following proceedings were taken on that occasion and was issued in a Gazette Extraordinary publication.

(a)     A franchise committee to be appointed shortly to discuss further qualifications for election to the Cochin State Legislative Council

(b)   The non official members of the legislative council will be paid an honorarium

(c)     Three lakhs of Rupees will be set apart for technological studies in the Maharaja’s college, Ernakulam.

(d)    One lakh of Rupees to be set apart to aid publication of old Sanskrit manuscripts.

(e)   The pay of primary class teachers will be raised.

His Highness also bestowed many titles and distributed awards for great Teachers, Professors, Authors and Artists.  

His Highness' reign lasted just 2 years. Shree Ravi Varma Kunjappan Thampuran died on 31st January 1946.